Info for new gymnasts

What do I do when I arrive?

Come in through our side room where you can take off your shoes and socks. Place your shoes and other belongings on the cubby shelf in the main gym, next to the warm up space and have seat on the warm up mats where a coach will come and meet you to start your class.

Our bathrooms are right next to the cubby, and on the other side of the bathrooms is the kitchenette where you can fill your drink bottle.

We recommend that parents and caregivers drop off children, rather than stay to watch. If your child needs you to stay while settling in with us, thats fine for the first couple of classes but we find the kids will settle in quickly and challenge themselves more without a parent watching.

For preschoolers, parents and caregiver's must stay onsite. For our freestyle unstructured classes, parents are actively engaged in supervising and assisting your child/ren on the equipment where needed.

If you are late please assist your child into the main gym hall. We ask that parents please remove their shoes before entering the main gym.

What to wear?

Leotard for girls, and shorts and well fitting (not too baggy) t-shirt or singlet for boys.

If you havent got a leotard yet, fitted shorts and tee is fine in the meantime.

Girls can choose to wear bike shorts over the top of their leotard if preferred. Shorts arent usually allowed to be worn in a competition but are fine for training as long as they are reasonably tight fitting. Tight fitting clothing is important for safety reasons and so the coaches can observe good form.

For our preschoolers, comfortable well fitted clothes that allow free movement are best. Shorts or leggings, and tee are ideal. Layers are best on a cold day.  Please no buttons, buckles or zips, or excessively baggy or frilly clothing as these can catch on the equipment.

For our adult gymnasts, well fitting active wear is best. Leotards are not required.

How about my hair?

Long hair needs to be tied back with a plain hair tie. Braids are the most comfortable to train with but any way as long as its not distracting or obstructing you.

Where do I get a leotard?

In Christchurch you can purchase new leotards from PW Dance on Colombo St. You might also like to check out TradeMe. Any type of well fitting leotard is fine for class.

If you choose to compete, you must purchase the West Melton Gymnastics Club leotard to wear. This is bought directly from the club - you can talk to Pam about this at class, or get in touch through our contact page.

It's best to not leave this too late to ensure we have the right size in stock, and there is often second hand ones available to purchase.

You can wear this leotard to class if you choose.

FYI Please take extra care when washing your leotard - its recommended to hand wash in cold water, and as least often as possible.

What else should I bring?

  • A drink bottle

See you soon!