We are proud to be the only gymnastics club in Selwyn to offer Trampolining Classes. Trampolinists will work on our modern FIG-approved Full Sized Trampoline, and the Double Mini Trampoline. Children learn safe techniques as well as building skills at their own development rate. To be able to bounce safely it is important to develop core body strength, so some conditioning work is done off the trampolines.

Children in our Recreational classes also have the opportunity to compete at recreational competitions. All of our trampolining classes are small specialised classes with the excellent ratio of a maximum of 6 students to one coach.

Which class is right for my child?

Junior Trampolining/Gymnastics for 5-8 year olds:

Our 90 minute Wednesday 4.35pm - 6.05pm class is aimed at our 5-8 year old beginner trampolinists. This fun and fast class is especially tailored to keeping this age group engaged and developing their tramp skills. Our Wednesday class is now a mixture of trampolining and gymnastics!

Recreational Trampolining for 8-12 year olds:

Our Tuesday 4.30pm - 6.00pm trampolining class is a 90 minute class for our suited to 8 - 12 year age range.

Advanced Recreational Trampolining for 8-12 year olds:

Our Tuesday and Thursday trampolining class is 120 minutes long suited for experienced gymnasts focused on competing at Badge level (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red).

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss which class will suit your child.


Recreational Trampolining $215 per gymnast per term for 90 minute Tuesday class

Junior Trampolining/Gymnastics: $215 per gymnast per term for 90 minute Wednesday class

Advanced Recreational $270 per gymnast per term for 120 minute Tuesday or Thursday class 

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