WMGC Gymnast Info

Arriving at your class


Firstly parents and caregivers, we have to mention Carparking. We have quite limited (and a little awkward) carparking directly outside our building. Please take extreme care when manouvering around our carparks and entry/exit doors. Please dont park in our neighbours carparks. We do experience carpark congestion at the arrival times for our 3.30pm and 4.30/4.35pm classes so for these, you may like to park on the street and walk up the drive to our entrance.

Entering our facility

Gymnasts can enter into our waiting room where you will sanitise your hands and wait for a Coach to greet your class group, check your name on our class list and welcome you into gym.

Once inside gym, please place your shoes and other belongings into the newly located cubby shelf next to our warmup mats, and place your full named water bottle on top of the cubby for easy access during class.  

Under the current Covid 19 settings, we ask parents to drop off your gymnast at the door and please not enter gym unless necessary. If you need to come in, please wear a mask. (Excludes preschool classes, where parents are present at all times) 

 - The exception to this is new gymnasts/gymnasts attending a free trial class, where a parent/caregiver is very welcome to come in with their gymnast,meet the coaches and stay             for as long as needed to settle your gymnast in to the class.

Generally we recommend that parents and caregivers drop off children, rather than stay to watch as we find the kids will settle in quickly and challenge themselves more without a parent watching. For preschoolers, parents and caregiver's must stay onsite. For our freestyle unstructured classes, parents are actively engaged in supervising and assisting your child/ren on the equipment where needed.

Leaving our facility

Under the current Covid 19 settings, gymnasts will continue to exit our building via the Roller door


Please do your best to be on time for classes, but we understand life happens. Classes begin with an extensive warm up essential for the safety of gymnasts and arriving late can interrupt the flow of this. 

Ensuring classes finish on time is important as your time is precious so please be assured our Coaches will be ensuring this and be ready to collect your gymnasts at their class finish time 

What to wear?

Most of our female gymnasts wear a leotard (any colour and style) with shorts, but its not required for regular training classes. Otherwise, well fitting (not too baggy) shorts/tights and tshirt/singlet. Likewise well fitting (not too baggy) shorts/tights and tshirt/singlet for boys. 

Girls can choose to wear bike shorts over the top of their leotard if preferred. Shorts arent usually allowed to be worn in a competition but are fine for training as long as they are reasonably tight fitting. Tight fitting clothing is important for safety reasons and so the coaches can observe good form.

Trampolinists: As above plus wearing socks is required

For our preschoolers, comfortable well fitted clothes that allow free movement are best. Shorts or leggings, and tee are ideal. Layers are best on a cold day.  Please no buttons, buckles or zips, or excessively baggy or frilly clothing as these can catch on the equipment.

For our adult gymnasts, well fitting active wear is best. Leotards are not required.

How about my hair?

Long hair needs to be tied back with a plain hair tie. Braids are the most comfortable to train with but any way as long as its not distracting or obstructing you.

Where do I get a leotard?

Training Leotards:

In Christchurch you can purchase new leotards from PW Dance on Colombo St. You might also like to check out TradeMe or Facebook Marketplace. Any type of well fitting leotard is fine for class.

Competition Leotards:

Gymnasts that choose to compete are required to purchase the West Melton Gymnastics Club leotard to wear. We currently have a number of sizes in stock but its always best to order as soon as possible in case we dont have the size needed as these are supplied by an overseas supplier and do take some time to arrive. We often have quality second hand leotards available also. To see these lovely leotards, check out the latest photos in our GalleryLeotards are ordered through the Club Apparel Coordinator at leotards@westmeltongymclub.nz or get in touch through our contact page.

FYI Please take extra care when washing your leotard - its recommended to hand wash in cold water, and as least often as possible.

What else should I bring?

  • A full named water bottle
  • Warm layers for before & after class

What if I cant make it to class?

To inform us of an absence on the day of class, please text Head Coach Cindy 021 272 2323 or send a private message to our West Melton Gymnastics Club Facebook Page.

You can email planned absences to headcoach@westmeltongymclub.nz

Please please please dont come to gym if you are not feeling well! This includes any cold symptoms (runny nose, cough, sore throat). If a gymnasts presents or becomes unwell during a class, a coach will call their parent/caregiver to collect them. 


See you soon!

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